Aline Weyel
‘‘‘The visit of GL—30 Parquet 2000 W’’’


"The incidental encounter of the hoofer me and the environment.
I attempt to hoofer everyday in the urban landscape of amsterdam.
the outcome will be visible as a trace, depending on where—and how long I hoofer on a spot
—a manual record of place and time.
you can find me in action in the city, 
but the evidence is a cut open hoofer bag."


More about ALINE WEYEL

‘’My works can be seen as fragments of a continuing series, visualizing processes we are surrounded by in our daily life, but barely aware of. Dismantling, dissolving, separating—to unpick, lasting – not to have the ability to hold. The use of everyday objects, traces of human activity, represented realities as well as the role of chance function as raw materials and become part of a performative process. I am investigating the potential for an image to become an element of language – and its translation into space. The works are situated in the grey area where graphic design ends and fine arts begins.’’

Aline Weyel (1984, Germany) lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She is currently studying for a Master Artistic Research at Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatoire (2011–ongoing) and received a Bachelor in Graphic Design, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, (2004–2010) and studied at Freie School of Arts, Stuttgart, Germany (2003–2004). Recent and forthcoming exhibitions include; Life Still, Teto Project Space, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2012); Glorix Nr 16, The One Minute Broadcast in Kunsruur, Nederland Television (2012), Echo, The Bottelary, Brussels (2011); Attempt Soap, Gallery Chrom, Bochum, Germany (2011); Glorix Nr.5, Portretpaviljoen Kasteel Duivenvoorde, The Netherlands (2010); and TracingA, Language of Time, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2010).