Amanda Wasielewski
‘‘‘I See What You Did There / I Did What You See There’’’
Takes place at the location of every other work, search for wifi networks
13 April – 12 May 2012

“ ‘I see what you did there’ is a common phrase used in spoken English, text, and Image Macros, generally to convey a condescending or patronizing tone as a response to a banal joke.”

I See What You Did There / I Did What You See There is a work that utilises wifi network names (SSIDs) as the medium of the piece to create a series of invisible joke pairings that can only be discovered when people search for wireless signal. Specifically the work will focus on meme or Internet humour, exploring the development of this online language and its build up of insider jokes. It will consist of a pairing of wifi routers at the location of every other work in the exhibition; one with the network name ‘I see what you did there’ and the other with the network name ‘I did what you see there’. Taking, as its title and content the well know Internet meme ‘I see what you did there’, the piece uses this phrase as a kind of meta-humour or sarcastic commentary upon the exhibition as a whole. Through the mirroring or reversal of this same phrase work reveals its own graffiti impulse, the ‘I was here’, that is inherent in the use of wireless networks to transmit a message. The work embeds humour’s ability to set up an expectation and then subvert it, itself materially subverting the expectation of those who encounter it by chance.


“My work in recent years has increasingly revolved around the relationship between technology and human beings; on an individual level, on the level of society and also concerning the greater economic and political systems we live in. While I am fascinated by technology, I am also aware of its anaesthetising potency. My practice is somewhat archaeological in that it involves uncovering niches, cul-de-sacs and subcultures buried beneath the visible surface of everyday life. If architecture, computers, broadcast devices and networks / worldwide web are all accepted to be forms of technology, then my work is concerned with technological ruins. Many of these technological ruins demonstrate the pathways of modernist progress to our current status quo regarding technology.”

Amanda Wasielewski (1984, USA) lives and works in Amsterdam. She is currently completing the post-graduate Fine Art programme, De Ateliers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She studied MA Fine Art Media at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, UK. and holds a cum laude BA Majors: Art History (Hons), Art Theory and Practice (Hons) with a minor in Chemistry at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA. She studied Abroad Visual Cultures, Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, London, UK. Upcoming exhibitions include Intentional Stance, De Ateliers, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (22 May – 3 June 2012) and De Nieuwe Zakelijkheid Festival, Venlo (19 – 21 April 2012). Previous exhibitions include He Disappeared Into Complete Silence, De Hallen Museum, Haarlem, Netherlands (2011); Your Video Here, Occupy Space, Limerick, Ireland (2011); We Live Underground, Trouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2011).