Edward Clive
Takes place at Het Veem Theater, Van Diemenstraat 410, Amsterdam
15 April 2012 9.30 – 9.35pm




The Hand. The Prop. The Unbuilt.

In an image.
A hand.
A hand inserted into the picture plane holding or touching a thing.
A hand holding a mineral, holding a crystal, holding a bone, holding a crown, a hand holding something precious, a hand holding some…thing.

The thing being held could be natural.
It couldbe geographical.

Or geological, or anthropological, or sociologic, or historical, or artistic, but in the image of a hand holding a thing, theres no body, or the body that is there is out of frame.
Not of the thing and not of the hand

The image of the hand holding the thing is not just an image of the thing.
The hand is a systematic, contextualizing extension of that thing.
The hand inserts its authority, its own existence into that thing - I own you, I found you, I show you, I understand you, I have you, I love you.

But the thing resists - you found me, you don't own me, you don't understand me, I am a thing, youcannot love me.

The prop cannot be the thing, touched by the hand.
By its own nature the materiality of the props likeness, is inscribed in the likeness of the thing it’s likening to be; The Prop has a built-in-obsolescence to reality.

It avoids authenticity.

The prop can be the thing, in a thing that is image.

But finally what is the thing, if itis not image (and as it can’t be prop).

The state of thing rather than the thingness of the thing.
The thing that is part made, unfinished, not thing. Unbuilt.

Unbuilt is the space of the thing before it becomes thing.
Unbuilt is the formationof a new idea on hearing a thought spoken for the first time.

Unbuilt is thelucidity of a thing unmade.


“A sculptor making sculpture and videos of sculpture and sculptures for video.”

Edward Clive (1982, UK) lives and works in Rotterdam. He is currently a participant of the Master Fine Art at Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam.