Enrico Piras & Sarah Stein
‘‘‘The mistaken belief of invisibility that led to a visible transformation (under the influence of glue)’’’
Takes place in parks in Utrecht and Amsterdam
28 April 2012




"We are interested in creating a collaborative performance relating to the current political and economic climate in the Netherlands, exploring the visibility and role of the artist in this context. This project looks at humour as having a close relationship to the sublime—both cognitively disruptive experiences relying on a difference between expectation and understanding.

Enacted in the public space of Amsterdam parks, these performances use constructed costumes and camouflage to explore visibility, transformation, and transgression in the role of the artist in contemporary art, and boundaries between the artist, the work of art and documentation. These performances will play with the notion of the absurd transformed into the sublime through long exposure photographs documenting the choreography as a blurred field of colour and light. Video documentation will provide evidence of the weird movements and gestures used to create the photographs.

The constructed costumes will function as personal architectures, built to mediate between the body and the space it occupies. Exploring the idea of camouflage, from some angles these costumes will blend into the park space, while other sides will be brightly coloured and be used to create the colour field photographs when they are used in performance.”





The practice of Enrico Pas is based on the use of narrative as an explorative tool and a terrain of investigation itself. “I try to develop storytelling rooted in the interest in architecture and the history of specific sites, acting on existing narratives to deepen the relations between fiction and truth in the perception of history.”

Enrico Piras (1987, Italy) lives and works in Utrecht. He is currently a student at the Fine Arts department of maHKU – Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design. Enrico graduated in Painting from Accademia di Belle Arti di Sassari. Exhibitions include: Looking for Nothing, Meme arte contemporanea, Cagliari, Italy, curated by Roberta Vanali (2011); Sweet Sheets, Zelle Arte Contemporanea, Palermo, Italy, curated by Federico Lupo (2011); Casa Aut, Cinisi (PA) curated by Laboratorio Saccardi Heart(h) (2011); artport, Palazzolo della Stella (UD) curated by Gian Piero Promutico (2011); Verso Zenit, Blublauer spazio arte, Alghero, Italy, curated by Daniela Cotimbo (2011) and Godart Museo laboratorio, Città Sant'Angelo (PE) curated by di Enzo de Leonibus (2010).



“My work questions the way we understand and engage with the world through a system of feeling—the processes that shape knowledge through experience. I am also concerned with the documentation of process, and how this is affected by narrative strategies and relationships between construction, embodiment, and evidence. Using drawing, photography, and installation, I deal with spaces of tension between what is and is not there, at the edges of understanding, or just out of reach.”

Sarah Stein (1978, Canada) lives and works in Utrecht. She is currently a student at the Fine Arts department of maHKU – Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design. Sarah holds a bachelor of Fine Art from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver, a diploma of Visual Art from Camosun College, Victoria and a bachelor of Commerce from University of Victoria. She was part of the exhibitions Longing/Belonging: Narrating Space Through the Experiences of a CityAcademie Gallerie, Utrecht, the Netherlands (2012); To Follow a Line, Campbell River Public Gallery, Campbell River, BC, Canada (2012); New Directions in Drawing, Vancouver, BC, Canada (2011); Present Imperfect, Future Tense, Gallery Fukai, Vancouver, BC, Canada (2011); Dimensions Variable, Comox Vallery Art Gallery, Courtenay, BC, Canada (2011).