Joyce Overheul



There is a group. There is a thing. They are all looking at it. But what is ‘it’ they’re looking at? No one knows. No one will know.

Do you dare to stand somewhere and just stare? 
To find out what 'It' is all about, you have to be there. 

‘If one sheep leaps over the ditch, all the rest will follow’ is what they say,
Can you make your fellow citizens act the same way?

Videos: Joyce Overheul, It, performances, 2012, courtesy of Joyce Overheul


Images: Joyce Overheul, It, performances, 2012, courtesy of Joyce Overheul


“My research is about the relation between participation, social media and role the arts can have in that field. I am fascinated by social structures and the way people behave while interacting with each other, especially the structures that are visible online. My work can be seen as social experiments, which I use to explore and expose the way we act online and why. Through my work I recreate situations and often manipulate the participant, without them being aware of it.”

Joyce Overheul (1989, The Netherlands) lives and works in Utrecht. She is currently participating in the MA Fine Arts, maHKU - Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design. She is completing her BA of Fine Art at HKU, Utrecht. Recent exhibitions include DUO, Das Spectrum, Utrecht, the Netherlands (2012); Conversation Pieces, Academiegalerie, Utrecht, the Netherlands (2012); Dr Pill, Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands (2011); Urban Spectator, Stichting Magdalena, Hilversumthe Netherlands (2011).