Mitchel Breed
‘‘‘Rocket, Rocket, Raft’’’
Gerard Douplein, Amsterdam
29 April, 10 May, 22 May 2012



Installed next to where grof vuil” (big trash) can be put out for collection, Rocket, Rocket, Raft will consist of several painted cardboard boxes covered with the word “color” and other imagery of clouds and water reflections. Public Works aims to challenge the incidental audience’s interpretation of these artifacts and leaves the value judgment to them, whether they interpret the works as trash or as items of significance.



Images: Mitchel Breed, Rocket, Rocket, Raft, 2012, photos by Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk


Recently, the practice of Michel Breed has been revolving around the use of colour and repetition, specifically how significance or non-significance is transferred through these practices. He is also interested in the process of value judgment and the factors that condition such decisions.

Mitchel Breed (1989, The Netherlands) lives and works in Amsterdam. He is currently an artist in residence at de Ateliers, Amsterdam and graduated with a BFA from HKU, Utrecht in 2010. His recent and forthcoming exhibitions include Intentional Stance at de Ateliers, Buning Brongersprijsat, Arti et Amicea, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2010) and Eindexpositie BFA, Tractieweg/HKU, Utrecht, The Netherlands (2010).